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I grew up in Eastern Washington vacationing with my family annually in Sunriver, Eagle Crest, & Bend.  I moved to Oregon to attend Willamette University where I played soccer for the Bearcats and earned a BA in studio art.  I spent nine years in Portland, met my future husband, and received a degree in nursing from Linfield College in 2004. After having my second child I moved out of the nursing field and into the business world, starting and managing two small companies.  While living in Portland in 2005 I purchased three investment properties in the Sunriver area. It took five more years before I could move to Bend full time and call it home!  Joining the Home Friday’s team allows me to continue my interest in the real estate market, watch the beautiful town of Bend grow and focus on serving homeowners and their investments in a professional setting.  My attention to detail and problem solving skills are an asset to your home as I take care of it in the same manner I do my own.  When I am not supporting clients needs I enjoy yoga, running, biking, snowboarding and skiing and spending time with my three children.



I have been working in the real estate industry my entire life  from advising others to taking care of our own real estate.  Home Fridays is an extension of services that I was in need of – someone to take care of the house so you wouldn’t have to spend your vacation doing chores.  My husband bought a second home in Bend, Oregon and all the sudden I found myself responsible for yet another piece of real estate.  It was far away from our home and we spent far too many visits working on the house – instead of enjoying the area.  When we moved here full time, we knew that a large number of people faced our same frustrations.  And so Home Fridays was started to help those absentee owners.  After all it is called a ‘vacation home’ not a ‘spend your weekend working.’  This blog is a compilation of the lessons learned and lots of the funny stories about what we find in the day to day life of second home management.