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Did you know that in the city of Bend, Oregon if your water usage is excessively high the city will come out and hang a tag on your door telling you about the high water usage?  It is a nice gesture, but seriously who is going to see that if you are out of town?   Apparently if nothing is done, then the city in the next month or so will come back out and turn off the water.  But at that point — the damage is done!   What you need is someone to find the hang tag and take immediate action.  High water consumption can be a big deal — leaks in the house, leaks in the sprinkler system.  None of it a good thing.

We recently found a home we take care of that was ‘tagged’ by the city.  Turned out with lots of research with the plumber, talking with the city and meeting the city — that the high water usage was found.  In the meantime we were able to assure the client that nothing in the house was leaking — the ultimate fear of anyone who hears ‘lots of water’.   The humidifier was excessively flushing and once it was turned off, the water usage dropped to zero.  Would this have been found eventually?  If someone was home it might have taken even longer to figure out.  As we easily shut off each part of the house and irrigation system until the source was found.  And with no one watching the house, the problem would have gone on for a few more weeks or months before the city shut off the water.  The easiest solution — have a service such as Home Fridays watch over your home.  Your second home is our first priority!