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It is amazing how much time I spend discussing dryers – do they work, are they hot enough, are they fast enough.  The bigger the house, the more laundry.  The more laundry, the more time it takes to get everything washed and dried.  If a home has more then 4 bedrooms (or some bunk beds) and it used a great deal then a second set might be just the ticket. 

When purchasing a large washer/dryer or a second set – what do you get?  Often we are attracted to the new High Effeciency machines.  We are now getting rebates for purchasing these machines.  I must say the dryers  are not worth it.  The HE machines have smaller motors.  What does that mean to you — longer drying times.  A large duet machine doesn’t even have a drying cycle less then 50 minutes.  So 5 sets of sheets and towels – assumming you can double up would be at least 4-5 loads.  At 45 minutes a wash and 50 minutes to dry — you have 5 hours of laundry!!! 

So how do you reduce this time – put in a second dryer or just use the big style, old fashion, energy hog dryers.  They are hot and fast!  And with 2 dryers – you cut off at least an hour.  Double the machines and you are down to just 2.5 hours.  

Of course there are other ways to cut down on laundry time – request your guests to do 2 loads before they leave.  Limit the number of towels and bedding the guests have access to.  I have found that if the sheets or towels are available – the guests will help themselves and RARELY do they do the laundry.  So if you have 2 sets for every bed and the guests use all those, plus all the towels and spa towels — well you might as well start your own laundry mat!