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As we emerge from winter here are the things we are doing at Home Fridays to get ready for the Spring.  If you are needing help with these items – just give us a call.  

  1. Clean the pine needles off the roof, gutters, decks and lawn.  Excessive needles are a fire hazard and will encourage lawn damage if left unattended.  And some of our homeowners associations will ticket you for not cleaning up. 
  2. Look Up – we have had a really windy winter with lots of trees and branches coming down. It is important to make sure everything is safely off the house.  For the health of the trees, get any damaged branches cut down. 
  3. Repair broken gutters damaged during the long winter which can create holes or pull the gutters off the house.  Also make sure your drain spouts are in good condition – not crushed or detached. 
  4. Remove foundation vent insulation and faucet covers, time for the house to breathe again.  But not too early – wait until the overnight freezes are done (might be late June this year).
  5. Install the window and door screens if removed for the winter.  Check for holes or rips and get those repaired.
  6. Inspect the deck support beams to identify any weakness or ‘spongy’ boards which indicate rot. Schedule annual deck maintenance – sanding, staining and/or replacement if necessary. 
  7. Change furnace filter and turn the furnace down to 50 (but not off yet).  This is Central Oregon, you never know when we will see snow in July.  A great time to get the air conditioner maintenance check scheduled. 
  8. Exterior inspection of the house – any damage from ice cycles or ageing of the paint.  This is a good time to schedule the paint job for the summer. 
  9. Stone fascia is often damaged over the winter with the freezing and cooling which weakens the adhesive.  Check your columns and rockery for anything loose and get it repaired. 
  10. Inspect the driveway for damage – loose pavers.  It is always easier to replace just a few or get them reset rather than waiting for the entire driveway to start failing.  Also sealing the driveway every few years will prolong the life and save money from a total redo. 
  11. Schedule the carpet, window and deep cleaning of the house. 
  12. Inspect for woodpecker damage around the house and the deck supports.  Woodpeckers are a protected species in Central Oregon and for some reason they really like our desert climate (who wouldn’t).  We have a number of methods we use to repair the damage and prevent further damage – everything from board replacement to netting and nest boxes.