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It seems we are hunting for working internet around these parts…

It has been a crazy month around Home Fridays as we try and fix everything that is broken and get ready for the first big weekend of the season.

One entire area of town has been getting an internet and cable television overhaul.  So each and every home  that has cable tv or internet needs a 2 hour service visit.  To top it off they will only schedule 4 appointments a day.  We have been rushing around town getting that taken care of.

Meanwhile in another area the phone lines are down due to construction or… who knows.  What happens when you loose a phone line? For starters your alarm will start going off, sending alerts about the trouble.  So now we have the phone company out trying to fix all the phones in that area.

Hot tubs – now is the time to start them up for that first weekend.  Oh, wait did the forecaster really say snow?  Now the calls start coming in about what we are going to do about the snow since the sprinklers are already running…never fear we will get it handled!

Imagine coming here for the first big weekend of the summer and having your entire weekend ruined with no tv or internet and nothing but cold bad weather.  While we can’t fix the weather, we can take care of all the other items!

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We have had beautiful fall and weather this past 2 weeks was temperatures in the mid to high 60’s and warmer!

Tonight our temperatures will begin to drop into the low 20’s and the daily highs in low 40’s & 50’s.

At Home Fridays we are ready for it!! 

The vent covers, hose bibs are on the exterior of our homes. Our annual furnace checks are in progress and pilot’s lit in fireplaces. All exposed pipes are checked on each home inspection and we have moved patio furniture under cover or in the garage.

Sprinkler systems have been turned off and gutters cleaned.  Come on Mr. Winter – we are ready for you.

Once the snow begins to fall this is just a short list of extra inspection items:

  • If snow – inspect all around house to see if we have any areas of concentration for icecycles, ice damns (typically in roof valleys or above skylights). 


  • Snow should not be up against wood or glass doors.  If we find this, we make sure it gets removed.  


  • Heat should be set to at least 55 on all homes.  


  • Open cupboards under each sink and leave open – helps keep the ambient temperature consistent throughout the house.


  • All bedroom doors should be open – helps keep the ambient temperature consistent throughout the house.   We want to avoid cold spots in the house.


  • Keep a close eye on the ceiling and the skylights – winter weather will bring more leaks!


  • Check windows for weeping or leaking.   We like to keep the blinds up about 1” so we can quickly look at the window sills for any potential problems.


At Home Fridays we care for your 2nd home inside and out!  If you are having concerns about your home, give us a call at (541)317-3088 and we can get you ready for winter.

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There is a saying about the weather here in Central Oregon.  If you don’t like it wait 10 minutes and it will change.   Such a true statement about our weather right now.  With fall in the air we are experiencing some extreme weather swings – below freezing at night and record highs in the 90’s.  Hard on the yard and hard on the house.  Do you leave the heat on or the A/C?   If you can set both on it is best to put the heat to kick on if the house gets below 55.  Then the A/C if it gets about 80.   A house that gets much hotter then 80 is at risk to damage the artwork, the wallboard, the floors.  And of course the temperature control is always on the main floor with the upstairs is so often much hotter.  I had one owner who had some puckering in her wood floor and some art work curling as a result of a too hot house.  And don’t get me started on the problems with the cold.  It is unlikely now to have any problems with freezing – it takes about 3 days of hard freeze to break a pipe.  But of course I always opt for ‘better safe then sorry’.  

At Home Fridays we are watching the temps closely and monitoring each home.  Some homes are in the shade and really holding on to those cold temps.  They will have the heat turned on to 55.   Others are in full sun and still staying very warm – for those the A/C is set to a high temp.   It’s all in the details!

Another concern is watering the yard when the temps are too low.  We like to adjust the sprinkler systems to water later in the day this time of year.  Nothing worse then creating an ‘ice lawn’ with a 4am watering.