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It is always nice for owners to have outside eyes watching while the home is rented – whether we are ‘nudging’ the guests to follow the departure guidelines or taking pictures of damage to help in security deposit refunds.  There are many ways that Home Fridays can help.

What is VRBO? We have a few owners who rent out their homes through  or .  These sites and others allow owners to rent the houses out themselves.  This is a great option to bring in a little extra cash and still have the house available when you want to use it.  It also gives owners control over who will be staying in the home.

How Can Home Fridays Help? Home Fridays acts as their local eyes and ears.  We manage the house while empty taking care of the annual and monthly maintenance items.  Prep it for visitors and check for damage and have the house cleaned and restocked upon guest departure.  If anything should come up during the visit we are here to handle the emergencies.

What Happens Prior To Check In? Prior to guests check-in we will make sure the house is prepped, stocked and the inventory sheet is current. 

  • Prep includes getting the temperature correct, turning up the water heater, turning on the ice maker and making sure everything is guest ready.
  • Stocked includes making sure the toilet paper, gas grill, soaps, shampoos and all fully stocked.
  • The Inventory Sheet is custom to each house and defines the specifics for each house (how many keys, pool passes, towels, etc.).  This helps to quickly define any missing items or damage when guests check out.


What Happens After Check Out?  After check-out we get the house cleaned and do a review of the inventory to assess damage to home or identify any missing items. 

What about issues during the guests stay?  Home Fridays staff the phone 24/7 in the event of an emergency we are there to assist the guests.  In the past we have helped guests who are lost, have misplaced their keys or experienced A/C failure, just to name a few.

How does the house get cleaned?  Our trusted cleaning crews are scheduled to clean the house, take care of laundry and restock (toilet paper, shampoo, etc.).

How does the house get restocked with supplies?  Typically we have access to an ‘owners closet’ filled with extra toilet paper, towels, soaps and such.  If anything runs out, we will run to the store and the owners will be charged for the restocked items.

Do my guests contact Home Fridays for check-in?  We setup lock boxes for the guests to use upon arrival. 

Do guests contact Home Fridays for check-out? Upon departure we encourage the guests to call and let us know they are leaving.  This lets the guests communicate any issues that might have arisen during the stay (such as a burned out light bulb or a broken bowl). 

If you are looking for some help with your vacation rental in Central Oregon please contact Home Fridays.