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I ran across this article today about a woman in New Mexico who was fined for not weeding her yard.  It sounds like it was a second home that she was neglecting.  When she went to the courthouse to pay a parking ticket they arrested her and tossed her in jail.    At Home Fridays we are managing the yard service and making sure we don’t get anyone tossed in jail.  Some homeowner associations are very rigid and do ticket for too many noxious weeds.  We have dealt with this in the past and worked through the issue with the Home Owners Associations.  It typically requires a visit with the HOA rep to prove the noxious weeds have been removed.  Noxious weeds can be a real issue as once your neighbor has them, you can be sure that you will be visited as well.  Regular maintenance with pulling, spraying and monitoring is the best solution.  Here is a link to Oregon Department of Agriculture Plant Division which has some great pictures and profiles of noxious weeds.   So stay weeded and stay out of trouble!